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本文摘要:Global carmakers are grappling with forthcoming rules requiring them to produce electric vehicles in China, the world’s largest car market.全世界汽车生产商已经期待应对中国即将执行的相关回绝汽车企业生产制造电动汽车的标准。


Global carmakers are grappling with forthcoming rules requiring them to produce electric vehicles in China, the world’s largest car market.全世界汽车生产商已经期待应对中国即将执行的相关回绝汽车企业生产制造电动汽车的标准。中国是全世界仅次的汽车销售市场。While still under discussion, a draft of the rules — seen by several auto industry leaders at this month’s Shanghai Auto show — would require as much as 8 per cent of their sales in China to be electric vehicles as early as next year.尽管标准仍在争辩中,但依据几个汽车领域领导者在前不久举行的上海车展上看到的一份议案,最开始从明年起,汽车生产商在华销售量中电动汽车分数占比回绝超出8%。

Carmakers who missed the target would be forced to buy expensive “credits” from competitors who overshot. The quota is set to grow in subsequent years, according to drafts of the rules seen by executives.分数不过关的公司要向分数充裕的公司售卖“划算”的分数。依据这种管理层们看到的标准议案,在接着两年里,电瓶车分数占比还不容易明显提高。However, the precise percentages and the way they are calculated are still being discussed, the executives said.但管理层们回应,确立的分数占比及其分数推算出来方法现阶段仍在争辩中。

“Its early days — and how [the rules] are implemented remains to be seen,” said Ian Robertson, a member of BMW’s board, who said the carmaker was prepared to meet whatever quota was imposed.“现在是初期环节——(标准)怎样执行仍仍待认真观察,”宝马五系(BMW)监事会成员尹恩?罗伯逊(Ian Robertson)讲到。他回应,不管分数占比订为是多少,宝马五系都是会务求达标。

Trevor Worthington, Ford’s vice-president, said the company met weekly with the Chinese government to discuss the policies. The carmaker planned to market its first hybrid vehicle in China next year, while Chinese-owned Volvo said it would introduce its first 100-per cent electric car in China in 2019.福特汽车(Ford)高级副总裁康奈利?沃辛顿(Trevor Worthington)回应,该企业每星期都和中国政府机构商谈争辩这种现行政策。福特汽车方案2020年在中国市场销售其第一款混合动力车。由中资企业全部的volvo(Volvo)也回应今年将在中国开售第一款显电动汽车。

The new rules are designed to encourage the local production of battery-powered cars by allowing makers to trade credits. Various types of vehicles will be counted differently towards satisfying the quota, a number of auto industry leaders said — a fully electric car would count more than a hybrid, for example.新标准目地根据允许汽车生产商买卖分数,来期待他们在中国生产制造充电电池驱动力汽车。许多汽车领域领导者回应,各有不同种类的汽车分数也各有不同,例如显电动汽车的分数不容易小于混合动力车。Jochem Heizmann, Volkswagen China’s chief executive, said the company was making preparations to produce electric vehicles in China next year, together with Anhui Jianghuai Automobile (JAC Motors), one of VW’s joint venture partners in the country, and planned to meet the electric vehicle quota without buying credits.大家中国(Volkswagen China)CEO约赫姆?海兹曼(Jochem Heizmann)回应,大家因此以筹备2020年与江准汽车(JAC Motors)在中国带头生产制造电动汽车——后面一种是大家在中国的合资企业小伙伴之一——并方案自主合乎电动汽车生产制造配额制,而不售卖分数。“We are fully with all forces working to be able to fulfil this quota system next year, he said last week.“大家已经竭尽全力,争取2020年必须达标,”他在上星期回应。


The main beneficiaries of the new policy will be companies that produce electric vehicles locally — such as BYD and BAIC, the largest sellers of electric vehicles in China, which will probably be able to sell excess credits.最新政策的关键获益方将是在中国中国生产制造电动汽车的企业,如比亚迪汽车(BYD)和北汽集团(BAIC),这俩家企业是中国电动汽车销售量仅次的汽车企业,他们将有可能售卖不必要的分数。Locally produced electric vehicles already take advantage of a range of subsidies and incentives — the central government offered subsidies for new EVs of as much as Rmb55,000 ($8,000), while local government subsidies were of similar value, according to BYD.当地生产制造的电动汽车已有着一系列补助和鼓励。据比亚迪汽车回应,中国中央为新的电动汽车获得达到5.五万元rmb(合8000美金)的补助,当地政府也获得类似信用额度的补助。

However, these subsidies have decreased this year by 20 per cent and are to be phased out over time. Ultimately the electric vehicle quota trading scheme is supposed to replace government incentives.但是2020年这种补助提升了20%,之后还将逐渐中断。最终,电动汽车分数买卖制为被强调将替代政府部门鼓励现行政策。In addition to subsidies, local governments award licence plates to electric vehicles without restriction, while buying a new petrol-powered car in many cities requires purchasing a licence plate via auction, which can add thousands of dollars to the price of the car.除开享受补助,全国各地电动汽车上车牌不受到限制,而在很多大城市,售卖新的汽柴油汽车务必根据摇号申请售卖汽车支付牌照,这有可能导致买车成本上升千余美金。

Last year, China was the world’s largest purchaser of electric vehicles, buying more than 300,000. China’s 13th five-year plan that came into effect last year set an ambitious target for cumulative sales of EV’s to reach more than 5m by 2020.上年,中国沦落全世界电动汽车销售量仅次的我国,销售量高达三十万辆。上年转到推行环节的中国“十三五规划”制定了一个开疆辟土的总体目标:到今年 中国电瓶车的拥有量总体目标是五百万辆。